Missions In And Through St Andrew’s Presbyterian, Te Awamutu

We describe ourselves as a “church without walls” – primarily this means we are seeking to impact the community around us with love, service and the Gospel message rather than expecting everyone to come to us. In other words, we encourage our people to go out and be Christians 24/7 in their natural habitats, influencing those around them for good and for God.

As part of this we also have a heart for things God is doing beyond our local community and seek to support and encourage other mission initiatives. In particular we actively support:

Open Doors International

This is an organisation birthed by the Dutchman, Brother Andrew, after World War 2 and continues to serve the persecuted church throughout the world.

Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is an organisation that helps people throughout New Zealand (and Australia, Canada and the UK) deal with financial issues and escape the terrible burden of debt.

We are pleased to support the CAP Debt Counselling Centre established via Te Awamutu Bible Chapel. If you need help to get debt-free phone CAP on 0508 227 111 or look up their website www.capnz.org

European Christian Mission

An organisation that is seeking to restore the reality of the Gospel in countries that have a long Christian history but seem to have ‘lost their way’ in recent decades.

At a local level we support and encourage many missions and ministries – please refer to other pages on our website.